Warehouse Supply Chain Fast Operational Review

A Warehouse Supply Chain Fast Operational Review delivers a comprehensive report and takes approximately 2 days to complete. This is an excellent and cost effective approach to completing a diagnostic of the Warehouse Supply Chain Operations.

These reviews are completed by an experienced “Grey Haired Guru"™ and are guaranteed to uncover opportunities for improvement and/or reduced costs.


  • The management vision for the Warehouse/Supply Chain in terms of service, costs and lead times. 
  • A visual walk around to understand the processes, systems and physical infrastructure within the warehouse. 
  • Informal discussion with staff will be undertaken to understand the perceived issues and opportunities. 
  • A review of any available KPI’s or performance data to gauge the underlying performance. This is bench marked against Best in Class KPI’s. 
  • Written assessment of the Warehouse/Supply Chain operation and any issues or opportunities found during the diagnostic.
  • On-site presentation of the diagnostic findings to management. 

The Diagnostic Approach 

The diagnostic is not designed to be a threat to any staff. It is undertaken by an experienced supply chain professional with detailed operational experience.

The general timetable for a diagnostic is as follows:

  • Meet the senior manager(s) and understand their views and aspirations and an introduction to the operational manager(s). 
  • Obtain any existing KPIs or performance data that exists in the business.  A list of suggested KPIs will be provided in the diagnostic report. 
  • Observation of the warehouse site, product storage and handling, understanding of the operational processes, including how many systems support the warehouse/supply chain. 
  • Discussion with staff members. Normally photographs are taken during the observation to capture activities and facilities and ,where appropriate, copies of relevant documents. 
  • Preparation of a presentation that outlines the opportunities and benefits for the business from the observations. 
  • Presentation of the findings and observations during the diagnostic with potential recommendations and priorities for improvement. 

For more information about the Performance Drivers' Warehouse Supply Chain Fast Operational Review please contact us on 61 2 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au.