"Our division has successfully utilised the services of Performance Drivers on a number of occasions. Performance Drivers was able to provide a project team to review, cross-check, document and "clean up" the asset register ...."
Projects Director, Transport

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Lean Fast Operational Review

A Lean Fast Operational Review delivers a comprehensive report and takes approximately 2 days to complete. This is an excellent and cost effective approach to completing a diagnostic of the supply chain from order to receipt of payment. The diagnostic focuses on the local facility.

These lean fast operational reviews are completed by an experienced "Grey Haired Guru" and are guaranteed to uncover opportunities for improvement and/or reduced costs. 


The ‘Lean’ approach to your operations systems encompasses a range of tools which aggressively target waste and variation in processes, and provides a means to deliver robust systems in a way offered by no other approach. Performance Drivers has delivered successful Business Improvement implementations in a wide range of industries, and our people have the experience to tailor a Lean approach which is best suited to your company’s specific needs.

The basis for becoming an efficient “Lean Supply Chain organisation” is operational stability, predictable outcomes and standardisation.


We review the status of the operations process, which includes the following:

  • The management vision for the complete supply chain from order to payment 
  • Complete a high level process map 
  • Visual (walk around) to understand current processes and infrastructure within the business 
  • Informal discussion with staff to understand the perceived issues within the business 
  • Data gathering including a self assessment questionnaire 
  • Written assessment of opportunities found
  • Presentation of the results from the diagnostic 

Although this is a quick diagnostic, it does give an excellent indication of the areas that need the most rapid improvement to move towards best in class.

The key points of focus for this review are listed below, however this could be broader based on initial discussions with you:

  • Customer Satisfaction, Service and Management 
  • Safety, Environment, Cleanliness and Order 
  • Visual Management Systems 
  • Scheduling and Planning Systems 
  • Use of space, Movement of Materials and Product Flow 
  • Level of Inventory and Work in Progress 
  • Team Work and Motivation 
  • Condition and Maintenance of Equipment and Tools 
  • Management of Variability and Complexity 
  • Supply Chain Integration 
  • Commitment to Quality

For more information about Performance Drivers' Lean Fast Operational Review please contact us on 61 2 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au.