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Fast Bottom Line Business Review

A Fast Bottom Line Business Review is a three day diagnostic of enterprise wide structures and processes, which identifies key opportunities for sustainable bottom line improvements - particularly in terms of revenue growth and cost reduction. The review includes fact-finding meetings with senior managers, analysis of organisation structures, analysis of enterprise-wide financial and operational data, and documentation of findings and potential bottom line improvement opportunities.


The Fast Bottom Line Business Review is a powerful universal tool which has been used in the past to rapidly identify business improvement opportunities in enterprises in a range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, wholesale, retail, resources, services and government. It can be applied enterprise-wide or contained within a specific division, department or function.


This review is typically used as a scoping exercise to determine quickly where in an enterprise the most attractive opportunities for profit improvement are, which may include increased productivity, continuous improvement, sustainable expenditure reduction and revenue growth. It is an excellent and cost effective approach to complete a high level enterprise wide diagnostic and identify substantial profit improvement opportunities within a short timeframe.


The key outcomes of the exercise are documented as follows:

  • Scope and objectives
  • Key findings
  • Major opportunities including savings estimates
  • Summary of supporting facts and data
  • Recommendations and next steps.
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