"Performance Drivers and their consultant were able to pinpoint areas in our warehouse that needed improvement; they then suggested realistic solutions to these issues. Performance Drivers consultant implemented these solutions in a professional manner resulting in an increase in our warehouse productivity. If the opportunity arises we would use Performance Drivers again"
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Customer Acquisition and Lead Management (CA/LM) Fast Review

A CA/LM Fast Review delivers a comprehensive report and takes approximately 2-3 days to complete. This is an excellent and cost effective approach to completing a diagnostic of the effectiveness of your sales leads management and new customer acquisition strategy and channels. 

Our fast reviews have often been so successful in uncovering opportunities for improvement that organisations have continued to use Performance Drivers' “Grey Haired Gurus"™ specialist project management contractors, consultants and interim executives to assist in delivering the benefits and results.

The process is specifically driven to deliver a return on investment from the review.


  • The “take to market” process and how your products/services are promoted.
  • A “virtual” walk through each step of the customer acquisition process to understand how leads are gathered, how they are managed and how the “prospect” becomes a “customer”.
  • Informal discussion with staff will be undertaken to understand the perceived issues and opportunities.
  • A review of any available KPIs or performance data to gauge the underlying performance. This is bench marked against best in class KPIs.
  • Written assessment of the CA/LM operation and any issues or opportunities found during the diagnostic.
  • On-site presentation of the diagnostic findings to management.

The Diagnostic Approach

Although this is a quick diagnostic, it does give an excellent indication of the areas that will benefit from the most rapid improvement to help improve the Customer Acquisition and Lead Management process.

The key points of focus for this review are listed below, however this could be broader based on initial discussions:

  • Understanding the in-direct communications from the customer
  • “Listening” to the internal sales/service teams
  • Determining the effectiveness of the processes and tools used
  • Monitoring the measurements 
  • Understanding why people don’t buy
  • Interaction between other parts of the business and it's partners

For more information about Performance Drivers' Customer Acquisiton and Lead Management (CA/LM) Fast Review please contact us on 61 2 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au.