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Managing Director, Utilities

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Sustainability Fast Operational Review

A Sustainability Fast Operational Review delivers a comprehensive business sustainability report and takes approximately 2 days to complete. This is an excellent and cost effective approach to completing a diagnostic of the business with a focus on sustainable productivity.

These sustainability fast reviews are completed by an experienced "Grey Haired Guru" and are guaranteed to uncover opportunities for improvement and/or reduced costs.


The Sustainable Operating System encompasses a range of tools that target energy productivity, as well as waste as a result of variation to processes. Organisations in the past have had a focus on labour productivity and over the years results have been excellent. But often energy and variation in processes has been either ignored or at best given basic attention.

The basis in becoming a truly efficient and "Best Practice or Lean" organisation is by embracing a Sustainable Operating System with lower energy consumption, manageable environmental footprint, predictable outcomes, standardisation and improved cost control.


The scope is to review the system of controls, communication and activity used to achieve the company goals and objectives.

  • The management vision for sustainability and how it interacts with the company operating systems. 
  • Complete a high level review of: 
       1. Transparency (communication, activities, key indicators, controls)
       2. Objectivity and Measurement (how the controls are measured and managed)
       3. Continuous Improvement 
  • Visual walk around to understand the processes 
  • Staff discussions and data gathering 
  • Written assessment of opportunities found to reduce costs and/or energy 

This fast diagnostic review will give an excellent indication of the areas that need the most attention to move towards best in class.

For more information about Performance Drivers' Sustainability Fast Operational Review please contact us on 61 2 9683 6200 or email admin@performancedrivers.com.au.