"I would like to formally acknowledge the work of Performance Drivers and your consultant in helping us achieve a number of significant organisational objectives in this last financial year"
Director, Engineering

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Government Supplier Agreements

In addition to a broad spectrum of private sector clients, Performance Drivers has a long history of assisting Federal, State and Local Government organisations. Since our first government assignment in 2002, Performance Drivers has managed in the region of 100 projects and consulting engagements with government agencies. These have ranged from the establishment and management of specialist project offices, to performance reviews, organisational culture change and business improvement initiatives. 

Prequalification Schemes

The introduction of the NSW Government’s reform agenda for procurement has made the process of securing the services of a niche provider of specialist and experienced resources much less onerous for buyers within government. The red tape has been removed, making it possible for this Australian SME to bring the services and skills sets of our extensive network of “Grey Haired Gurus”™ directly to the agencies that can benefit most.

We have successfully received pre-qualification under the Performance and Management Services Scheme (SCM0005) and the ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020). Additionally the company is prequalified under the Contingent Workforce Scheme (SCM007) in the Specialist category.

Most recently Performance Drivers has been approved as a member of the Local Government Amalgamation Supplier Panel (registration number LGR-05-133).




Established by the Department of Finance and Services, these schemes create a pre-qualification framework for firms that provide services to NSW Government agencies and statutory corporations. They cover all state government departments and agencies as well as local government organisations. Prequalification removes the often substantial background checks and guesswork associated with engaging consultants for the first time and provides a level of confidence about our capability.

Panel Membership

Performance Drivers is also a panel member for the supply of Business Improvement Consulting Services to the Australian Government. The services on offer under this membership relate to business improvements and skills transfer.

Why Smaller is Better

While the State Government's reform agenda aims to boost small businesses as key drivers of the economy, there are also numerous direct benefits to selecting a small business over a larger consulting firm. Performance Drivers’ exposure to diverse industries and various different government departments means that multiple solutions and a cross-pollination of ideas are possible. Our “Grey Haired Gurus”™ typically hit the ground running and are able to immediately provide practical advice, insights and support.

Working with a small firm means you get a bespoke solution for your particular needs; one that allows for the transfer of knowledge and skills to your internal team, rather than a templatised one-size-fits-all solution which may alienate your team. Performance Drivers typically deploys a smaller teams, resulting in reduced costs and greater individual accountability, bringing in additional resources only if required. Follow the link for detailed case studies and testimonials.

Our government clients are at State, Federal and Local Government level and include the Department of Education and Communities, NSW State Emergency Service, the Office of Finance and Services, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation, Bureau of Meteorology, Strathfield Municipal Council and Blacktown City Council. To gain a better appreciation for the depth of our government experience, please refer to our full client list.

Contact us on 61 2 9683 6200 or admin@performancedrivers.com.au.