"Our division has successfully utilised the services of Performance Drivers on a number of occasions. Performance Drivers was able to provide a project team to review, cross-check, document and "clean up" the asset register ...."
Projects Director, Transport

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Performance Drivers Consortium

Gain the perspective that comes from being part of a larger, collectively more experienced and objective group. The Performance Drivers Consortium (PDC) was established in 2007 as a network to enable its members to step back from what they do in the day-to-day. 

  • Share real world experiences, best practice models and business improvement methods.
  • Regular site tours and an annual Leaders’ Forum.
  • Unique event format that facilitates the identification of issues and the acceleration of sustainable solutions.
  • Hands-on exposure to the use of professional assessment tools.
  • Affordable annual membership.
  • Direct access to performance improvement expertise via our network of "Grey Haired Gurus"™.  

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Past and Present Members



Achieving Best Practice through the Consortium

Our aim is to provide the forum, the tools and the facilitators to enable members to collaborate, share ideas and methodologies from their respective  industries to develop improved capability in their business and people. This is achieved using two event formats:

Site tours (7 per year)

Host organisations reflect on and showcase their improvement journey and best practice.

Attendees conduct a tour utilising recognised assessment tools. The event facilitates the identification of issues and the acceleration of sustainable solutions.

The host is given feedback from members and "Grey Haired Gurus"™.

Annual Leaders’ Forum

Once a year Performance Drivers will hold a PDC Leaders’ Forum.

Operations and senior management will meet to share experiences, leverage and draw support from their peers.

Held at a member site, these events are facilitated by a guest “Grey-Haired Guru”™.

 Feedback from PDC Events

“Excellent day with lots of interaction from participants and presenters.”


“Excellent topic, usually avoided because of misconceptions and assumptions. I am happy with the insights we got!”

“Extremely relevant to my company! Appreciated the host company’s openness.”


“Warm environment. Excellent diversity of subjects.”


“Thought provoking and useful.

Powerful tools to implement in any area.”

“Fascinating business model, eye opening.”


"Excellent balance between theory, site tour and discussions.”


“The site tours are always a valuable experience, seeing how different businesses approach and implement business process improvement.”