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What is MOS? (Management Operating System)

A Management Operating System (often abreviated "MOS") refers to the system of controls, communication and activity used to achieve organisational goals and objectives. Most often the MOS exists in a written form and is used to communicate to relevant stakeholders how an objective is being met.

Core elements of a Management Operating System

  1. Communication Plan: The communication plan addresses both the meetings that will be a part of the effort as well as the reporting out functions. 
    • Who will be invited to the meeting 
    • When the meeting will happen 
    • Roles of the people in the meeting

  2. Key activities: These will vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish. 
    • What the activity output is 
    • What the time line for the activity is 
    • Who is responsible for the activity 

  3. Controls: How will you know if you are on track to be successful? 
    • What are the KPI’s for the activity? 
    • What are the current measures? 
    • What actions are needed to address progress or lack of progress? 

Often the MOS serves as a governance plan and has an upward reporting component to communicate to management the kinds of activities that are underway to achieve a given outcome.

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