"Our division has successfully utilised the services of Performance Drivers on a number of occasions. Performance Drivers was able to provide a project team to review, cross-check, document and "clean up" the asset register ...."
Projects Director, Transport

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2020 and the Gig Economy

It is startling to think that when we fling ourselves across the finish line of 2016, we will land a mere 3 years away from 2020. Many predictions have been made for that momentous year. More


Struggling with productivity in your team?

Sometimes it feels like the causes of productivity issues are just too ‘slippery’ to pin down. What if you had a name and a mugshot to help in your quest for efficiency’s Public Enemy #1? More



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Like a Grandparent with a Grandchild, “Grey Haired Gurus”™ Know How to Tell a Good Story

A Performance Drivers’ Case Study in Business Process Improvement using Lean (and plenty of practical wisdom). More


Flexible Staffing - the NEW NORMAL

Recent media articles and statistics point to three distinct clues that interim staffing solutions are the way of the future. More


What is the 5S Philosophy?

5 simple steps that can increase efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. More

Organisational cuture2.jpg

How to Change Organisational Culture: Lessons From NUMMI

GM and Toyota launched their joint auto plant where GM’s work force had been at its worst. Here’s what happened next. And why. More


10 ways to achieve employee engagement

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is maintaining employee engagement, here we have given 10 tips on how to achieve this. More