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Business Improvement Tips - Managing people in the workplace

We asked 6 of our "Grey Haired Gurus"™ for their tips on managing people in the workplace.....

  1. Great communication is vital.
    The best leaders of the past 100 years knew the secret of communication:
    10% verbal (words we use)
    40% vocal (tones we use)
    50% visual (our body language)

    Are you an “emailer” or a “leader”?

  2. Whenever I “walk” around an operation:
    I “identify” opportunities to improve
    I “prioritise” these into tasks and actions
    I “resolve” and get results

  3. Change is not made ON people but BY people.  Improvement is not sustainable unless all are involved.

  4. If you want to change the culture and attitude of your staff focus on their day to day processes, and make lots of small changes every day.

  5. You will get brilliant results from average people managing a brilliant process.  Others get average results from brilliant people managing broken processes. (From Toyota Motor Co).

  6. Performance management systems and reviews are fine, but walking around at least once a week and complimenting someone on their job is a hundred times better.

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