"Working with your organisation and your consultant has enabled this service to continue the reform process but also have the extended management team understand some of the principles of organisational performance indicators and the need to work effectively as a member of the Health Care Team"
General Manager, Government Health Department

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Business Improvement Tips - Improvements in the Workplace

We asked some of our "Grey Haired Gurus" for some tips for improvements in the workplace and this is what they came up with.....

  1. "Good things happen when you take action.  Bad things happen when you neglect" -  John Addison

  2. "Many frontline managers (particularly supervisors) spend too much time writing reports or putting out fires.  Unlock their potential as a coach for employees and as a key to improvement of quality and process". 

  3. "Improvement requires change to daily habits.  What new or "improved" daily habits have you incorporated into your routine recently?".

  4. "Lighten up a bit . . . promoting and encouraging laughter in the work place has a profound effect on productivity.  Less stress is also a great side benefit".

  5. "Do not focus on what people do, but focus on what gets in the way of what they do!".

  6. "Small incremental change programs succeed 80% of the time; large "big bang" projects succeed 20% of the time".

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