"I would like to formally acknowledge the work of Performance Drivers and your consultant in helping us achieve a number of significant organisational objectives in this last financial year"
Director, Engineering

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Business Improvement Tips - How to improve business productivity

  1. A green look at reducing cost from suppliers :
    - Use suppliers who take back packaging for re-use
    - The further the suppliers have to travel the more energy (and costs) will be used.
    An example : a company had switched to importing an assembly in 1999 – a review showed they would save 2.5% by now buying from a local company in Milperra!

  2. All organisations contain some waste. (Wastes are in many forms: defects, over production, waiting, excessive travel, excessive inventory, excessive motion, under-utilised talent, excessive processing, paperwork, etc) – a good way to “see” waste is to visit other companies and see what they do!  It’s amazing what you pick up to possibly use in your own operation.

  3. Learning continuous improvement, Lean or productivity improvement in the workplace always works by watching, doing and applying but rarely works using a classroom / workshop training approach.

  4. If 15 minutes a day is wasted searching for paperwork this is the equivalent of more than 1 week’s salary a year!  Make sure you are organised and have a process!

  5. Average productivity in an 8 hour day in Australia is 60% and that’s less than 5 hours!  Adding a 20 minute break involving exercise i.e. walking, will add up to an hour of productivity in the day.

  6. Case Study:
    Question – What single thing made the biggest difference to your manufacturing and warehouse operations?
    Answer – Getting the operators and staff involved in visual management not the managers.

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