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Business Improvement Tips - Effective Leadership

We asked 6 of our "Grey Haired Gurus"™ for their best tips on effective leadership that make a difference.

  1. Allow new thinking and behaviours with your team. Listen well, Act quickly and Give credit.
    If this can be structured into your regular meetings even better! As it allows innovation to grow and its catching!

  2. As a manager always be 1- 3 minutes early for a meeting with staff.
    People feel that you respect them and their time when you are prompt. If you have a clear agenda and finish on time or a little early the meetings become more effective as well.

  3. Have a “grand plan”, BUT it’s the small hits and daily steps that give the big and sustaining results.
    Athletes use this all the time and it works just as well in business. Break your "grand plan" into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks (even hourly). The results will amaze you. 

  4. Ask a question and HOLD back the urge to give YOUR answers. (Theodore Roosevelt)
    Become a manager or leader of people by allowing their creativity to flow.  You never know they may actually have a good idea! 

  5. Be very hard on the process and soft on the people. (Toyota)
    This is a fundamental Lean philosophy.  Behaviours, attitudes and culture can all be changed BUT, it is by working and managing a process that will change the people.

  6. Use real data not assumptions - if you don’t have it, get it, and validate with all users.
    Be a person that makes decisions based on facts and not on passing comments and hear-say. Get the people involved and validate the facts then decide on the action required.

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