"I would like to commend you on the selection of your team to assist us in our project. Their focused dedication to the task with their positive energy provided tangible benefits for some of our senior management"
General Manager, Manufacturing

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Business Improvement Tips - Best Management Tips from our "Grey Haired Gurus"™

We asked 6 of our "Grey-Haired Gurus"™ for their best management tips: something that made a big difference in an operation and fast! 

  1. A good process led by average managers always outperforms a poor process led by excellent managers.
  2. Without clear processes and accountabilities most people spend more time and energy working around problems or blaming others than actually solving the problem.
  3. There are exceptional opportunities for growth in business. Some companies will experience massive growth and some will go backwards. Both will have “signs” and it’s up to us to react accordingly.
  4. As a manager: one well thought, sincere compliment a month to each staff member will result in massive improvement.
  5. The successful leader must plan their work and work their plan. (Napolean Hill)
  6. The world’s best managers have a 5-10 minute catch up every day one on one with their direct reports.

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