Don't be fooled by an 'Expert'.  Do what successful individuals and companies do.

We have become a nation of “experts.”

Turn on the television, computer or mobile phone and there they are.

• Experts on movies from those who have never made one.
• Experts on Major tennis events who have never stood in front of a 200km fast serve.
• Experts on Rugby who have never taken a hit from a 130kg forward.
• Experts on politics who have never run for office.
• Experts on celebrity who are only wannabes.
• Even experts on business improvement that have not actually done this themselves!

We are surrounded by so-called experts—people with opinions, but very little actual expertise.
And you know what they say about opinions, right?
They are like belly buttons, everyone has one, and mostly they are useless.

Here is the definition of an expert according to
expert: Possessing special skill or knowledge; trained by practice.
The key part of the definition: “trained by practice”

Here is my expert advice (on this I am an expert as I have to sort and curate “experts” for a living. We call them "Grey Haired Gurus"™.)

1. Only take advice from those who have DONE it (successfully and significantly)… what they are advising you to do. Find practitioners (past or present) not just teachers. Oh sure, there are those who can teach, even if they can’t do, but why take the risk. Just vet your teachers/experts by results, not pontification. It’s MUCH safer.

2. Don’t be a follower, be a student. Don’t just drink the cure all juice because the “expert” said to. Seek the conflicting counsel of several experts. Find opposing views. Consider all valid viewpoints (valid meaning, expertise by results). Be a learner; a researcher, not a disciple.

3. Then, most importantly, make sure your decision is the product of your OWN conclusion. Ultimately, YOU know best. You were designed with a built-in intuition to sort, vet and KNOW what’s real from what’s counterfeit. Trust it. Too often we ignore our inner-wisdom and seek opinions from those around us. We often look to have them to contradict our intuition, as if to give us permission to ignore it. Other times, we will continue to seek advice until an expert’s counsel mirrors our thoughts, as though we need validation in order to rely on intuition.
What makes us fail to consistently trust our own expertise?

Never have I heard anyone utter the words “I never should have trusted my gut!” Our intuition speaks to us, sometimes even screams at us, and yet, for a variety of reasons, we often seek to squelch the chatter of our intuitive mind.

YOU are the best expert on you.
You want to inform, educate and enlighten yourself, for sure.
But in the end, YOU know best.
Trust yourself.
And then do as you are told, by YOU.

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