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Flourishing in 2015

We asked our Grey Haired Gurus™ for their top tips for a successful new year. This is what they had to say...     



"Write down what you want to achieve" and act on your goals! In a year from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by some of the things you did do.

"Formalise the sharing of knowledge and skills" so that your team routinely benefits from the experience of staff members who have been around for decades.

"Sell ‘inside and outside’".  You never hesitate to promote your business with your customers, but do your own people know what you’ve been up to? Ensure you have a reputation amongst your colleagues for being proactive and committed by sharing the news of your plans and news of the organisation’s successes. Avoid being seen as self-promoting by taking an equally enthusiastic interest in what your colleagues are achieving.

 "Rituals" are good for creating a sense of continuity and cohesion in a team. Why not schedule an end-of-year informal breakfast with your team to talk about their hopes for themselves and the team? Write these up as New Year’s resolutions, refer to them during the year and reflect on them again next year. These goals can often be much more meaningful than a formal strategy set in a boardroom.

 "Make a habit of asking" your internal and external customers about the challenges they are currently facing.