"I would like to formally acknowledge the work of Performance Drivers and your consultant in helping us achieve a number of significant organisational objectives in this last financial year"
Director, Engineering

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"I have worked with Performance Drivers for about 10 years and have always had a great relationship.  I think one of the stand out differences is that when we engage with Performance Drivers, Richard actually comes out and listens to our requirements so that when we do engage we know that the person or persons working with us will hit the ground running and actually do what they have been engaged to do!

We've had a great experience on a range of projects which have always been delivered well.  Richard is always on hand if we have any concerns and we know that things will get escalated fairly quickly, if required.

Great experience and look forward to a continued relationship with Performance Drivers".


"One of the advantages I found working with Performance Drivers is their resource capacity that they have access to.  These have all proven to have a high level of expertise and experience which they have brought into our business in a wide variety of areas, i.e. warehousing through to engineering, asset management, etc.

At the moment they are assisting me with the implementation of a project for reviewing gas pipes.

I have always had solid communication and clarity from Richard where his team is up to, making sure that they are performing and where not, clear actions are taken.

My experience with Richard and his team has been excellent and I look forward to a continued relationship with him".


"We appointed Brian Levitan from Lean Australia as the external facilitator of our pilot.  Throughout the process Brian has been extremely knowledgeable and his practical experience and expertise invaluable in assisting our business with the implementation of Lean principles across our organisation.  His no nonsense approach and unique sense of humour made the process very confronting at times and forced us to question our processes that resulted in heightened awareness of our systems, capacity, strengths and weaknesses.  His guidance enabled us to highlight the real drivers of the business and how Lean could be utilised to maximise the capacity and efficiency of our ever changing business.

Brian has been very approachable and flexible with his time and assisted us whenever a request was made.  We have developed a very good working relationship with Brian and have no hesitation at all in recommending both the process and Brian to any business considering implementing Lean."

Edstein Creative Stone

"Duncan was an impressive operator.  He excelled in the areas of relationship management and his agility in responding to the scope of works that changed regularly was another key capability he brought to the role.  He was a pleasure to work with and a great representative of your organisation. If an opportunity presents itself I would not hesitate to re-engage his services."

NSW State Government Agency

"Our team enjoyed working with George immensely and he freely shared his knowledge across the project which allowed him to gain the respect of the designers and manufacturers in the project. 

I think that the level of task that we asked George to do did not realise the full opportunity of having someone with his experience and ideas on board.  I think we could have better utilised George's time earlier in the project, perhaps at a time when we could explore ideas without the schedule pressure to deliver.

Overall, it was a positive and beneficial experience for UGL.  I am happy to recommend George and Performance Drivers, and/or utilise George and your organisation again if the situation arises".

United Group Limited

"Performance Driver's consultant was very professional and competent. We worked on activities beyond their core supply chain competencies and they engaged with enthusiasm. A very good fit".


"We will be implementing a number of these changes over the coming months and acknowledge the contribution of Performance Drivers".


"You were very customer focused and happy to work with this Department to develop the three programs undertaken over the last six months. I would like to formally acknowledge the work of Performance Drivers in helping us achieve a number of significant organisational objectives in this last financial year".

Department of Health

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the project. Last April I asked you to develop a plan to assist our internal project team manage the conversion of data to a newly developed system".

St George Bank

"I would like to commend you on the selection of your team to assist us in our project. Their focused dedication to the task with their positive energy provided tangible benefits for some of our senior management".

Goodman Fielder

"I would like to formally acknowledge the work of Performance Drivers and your consultant in helping us achieve a number of significant organisational objectives in this last financial year".


"Our division has successfully utilised the services of Performance Drivers on a number of occasions. Performance Drivers was able to provide a project team to review, cross-check, document and "clean up" the asset register".


"Performance Drivers and their consultant were able to pinpoint areas in our warehouse that needed improvement; they then suggested realistic solutions to these issues. Performance Drivers consultant implemented these solutions in a professional manner resulting in an increase in our warehouse productivity.  If the opportunity arises we would use Performance Drivers again".


"The project team of 4 engineers was assembled in a short time.  The quality and experience of each of the consultants was evident in the outcomes and the timeframe of the project. The consultants worked side by side with management producing significant and sustainable results over a short time frame".


"Working with your organisation and your consultant has enabled this service to continue the reform process but also have the extended management team understand some of the principles of organisational performance indicators and the need to work effectively as a member of the Health Care Team".

Hunter Health

"You were very customer focused listening to our requests and taking action accordingly. I am very pleased with the outcome of this project and will not hesitate in considering your company for any future requirements".

Jemena Gas

"Your consultant worked well with our people to deliver tangible benefits in a cost and time efficient manner. With the assistance from Performance Drivers, our business is in a much stronger position to face the many challenges ahead".

Austrian Energy