"Our team enjoyed working with George immensely and he freely shared his knowledge which allowed him to gain the respect of the designers and manufacturers in the project. I think we could have better utilised George's time earlier in the project. Overall, it was a positive and beneficial experience for UGL. I am happy to recommend George and Performance Drivers, and/or utilise again if the situation arises."
Project Manager

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Case Studies - Industry Sector Outcomes

Performance Drivers "Grey Haired Gurus"ô achieve results.  Below are a number of examples that show the benefits and results we can and do achieve.


Business Issue: Their management reporting and associated systems were not supported by fully documented processes and produced voluminous weekly reports of over 100 pages and of questionable value.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers assigned a consultant with particular skills in business analysis and management reporting to document the current process in the nominated areas of the organisation management operating system and to design a management summary with a weekly report of under 5 pages. Our consultant completed the assignment well ahead of the six month schedule and was subsequently deployed to another division to perform a similar but smaller assignment.

Munich Reinsurance

Business Issue: In preparing for an upcoming AFTA audit, this organisation discovered that its Compliance & Risk Management (C&RM) processes where not sufficiently deployed within the business. Despite purchasing a C&RM software toolkit, they lacked the knowledge and experience required to successfully implement the software, build the appropriate process and procedural links and reduce exposure.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers assigned a recognised Compliance & Risk Management professional to plan and assist in software deployment, undertaking an evaluation of requirements, undertaking a gap analysis, and developing and deploying appropriate processes and procedures. The resulting process framework serviced both internal and external requirements and included standards, legislation, OH&S, privacy, finance and tax. A key aspect of the project was the successful transfer of knowledge and skills, ensuring that the C&RM framework was sustainable.

Goodman Fielder

Business Issue: This Australian food manufacturer was planning a project to build a new production facility to replace two existing plants scheduled for closure. Eager to build in best practice processes, the organisation engaged Performance Drivers.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers completed process maps prior to designing and building the facility. This involved reviewing, improving and mapping processes at two other manufacturing sites and building these improvements into the new design and operating procedures.


Business Issue: This recently acquired business wanted to understand what changes were required to its products, services and operations to meet the changing demands from its customers.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers were engaged to design, organise and facilitate a conference attended by a range of key stakeholders to: Gain a clearer understanding of what they did well and what they didnít; Develop recommendations to assist them to move forward; Secure employee engagement, buy-in and ownership for changes; Set new standards for the organisation; and Establish the foundation stones for real change. The conference identified a number of major change initiatives including a new operating paradigm for the business.

Department of Land & Property Information

Business Issue: The purpose of this project was to provide a detailed User Requirement Document as part of the overall IT systems review. A number of inefficiencies had been identified within the existing data entry systems particularly across their three (3) main computer systems.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers assigned two consultants both experienced Project Managers to carry out the above objectives. They developed a complete understanding of the client's priorities surrounding the current and future system user needs to accompany the recommended workflow documentation. The review and business strategy format made complete the client's overall computer systems layout and our consultants gave recommendations as to how this would change to align with future requirements of the client's business needs. The project was completed within the scope and timeframe.

NSW Government Department

Business Issue: A regulatory body within the insurance sector, this organisation was involved in undertaking a significant project to build and align its information systems and database with an external entity.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers consultant supported implementation by establishing and managing a project office, representing the corporationís interest in external discussions and ensuring the project was delivered on budget and on schedule.

Alinta Gas

Business Issue: Undertook a commercial and operational review of available options for the future location of the organisationís main control room and SCADA master station. Key considerations were:

  • All costs associated with each option 
  • Operational and management efficiency for safety and security, direct management and emergency management and control 
  • Disaster recovery and communication In addition to the report, an implementation plan and Board paper was also produced.

Sydney Ports Corporation

Business Issue: This large and internationally respected commercial infrastructure owner and operator was considering an urgent SAP upgrade and needed to decide how best to manage the upgrade and what ERP systems should be used.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers managed the business review in each of the divisions and prepared a comprehensive business plan.


Business Issue: An upcoming major contract initiated a refocus of the business around its major customers.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers worked with the Executive to develop a new strategic plan and an accompanying organisation structure, complete with detailed position descriptions. We also facilitated the identification and development of major projects which would deliver the plan, and a Balanced Scorecard to focus effort and monitor performance. The project had a significant positive impact on core operations.

Fujitsu Australia

Business Issue: Being one of Australia's largest e-service organisations delivering e-infrastructure, e-business and e-convergence to leading Private and Public companies. This particular organization required four projects to undertake and complete business plans for several new products.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers assigned consultants with senior executive experience in General Management, Marketing, Sales Management and Technical Architecture who had developed and successfully implemented innovative business, organisational and change management strategies across a wide range of industries. These four independent projects were successfully completed within the specified time frame.

Tyco Fire Systems

Business Issue: This organisation manufactures in Australia and New Zealand and needed to address a number of issues:

  • A possible consolidation of various facilities of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution 
  • A better understanding of the costs of each operation 
  • A lack of clear and consistent performance reporting (misaligned KPI's) 
  • An increase in distribution costs due to inadequate planning
  • A need to improve systems performance 

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers assigned a consultant with particular skills in Lean manufacturing and warehousing methodologies. A review of operations and processes was undertaken which resulted in the in scope issues being successfully addressed and all objectives met. Performance Drivers has been subsequently engaged to undertake additional assignments with the organisation following a recent acquisition including the consolidation of 3 warehouse and distribution facilities.


Business Issue: This manufacturer and distributor had an objective to significantly increase production however it had severe limitation of space at their existing facility. An important first step involved achieving efficient production and storage of inventory utilising existing resources.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers successfully deployed an experienced consultant with a strong background in the application of Lean operational techniques to undertake a technical review of inventory levels. Improvement initiatives were implemented as the review progressed resulting in an immediate increase in production tonnages. Despite continued growth, utilisation of the existing facilities was extended 4 years. Our consultant was retained post review to support implementation of recommendations.


Business Issue: This company was planning the implementation of a new enterprise-wide business application which included an MRP module. Fuelled by stories of spectacular failures of other companiesí attempts to deploy MRP, the organisation wanted to ensure that it was appropriately prepared for the effective and efficient implementation, deployment and utilisation of the module and thus reduce exposure to project risk.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers undertook a high-level operational review of the preparedness of the enterprise for the planned MRP implementation. Our consultant conducted the review in accordance with an internationally recognised methodology, accessing many years of practical experience in MRP, LEAN manufacturing techniques and business improvement. The review highlighted significant shortfalls in their preparedness and uncovered many associated operational problems which, if not corrected, would have undermined the utilisation and value of the MRP capability. Corrective action was recommended and implementation supported.


Business Issue: Under increasing pressures to reduce costs and improve delivery performance, this organisation moved to improve its work management processes and practices. Maintenance of production assets and coordination of resources were central to these objectives.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers reviewed maintenance processes and liaised with key staff to develop a workable solution that had the predominant support of a number of key stakeholders. The outcome included the development of a maintenance operating model, identification of required cultural adjustments, identification of major change projects and development of an implementation plan for each project.


Business Issue: This multinational organisation was preparing for the global launch of a new product which required a production process not previously undertaken within the group. In a move to demonstrate an effective local production capability, the company needed to develop a comprehensive business case, and had not yet acquired the required manufacturing expertise, pending global approval.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers assigned a consultant with an extensive background in product development and manufacturing to serve as a coach and mentor to internal staff, to lead the development of a plan to launch the new product and to oversee the subsequent project implementation. The consultant provided access to manufacturing expertise which had a significant impact on critical elements of the productís local and global production.


Business Issue: This chemical manufacturer needed to address a number of projects including: Outdated operating procedures and planning production schedules being regularly altered to meet deadlines. Poor sales forecasts, disorganised delivery schedules and unclear responsibilities.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers reviewed current levels of productivity, production processes and lead times, quality and service standards to identify weaknesses in management processes and systems. Root causes of operating problems and improvement opportunities were highlighted and a project plan developed.

National Starch

Business Issue: This organisation manufactures products in the chemical and industrial solvents industry. As a result of a major new supplier being appointed, the client required us to:

  • Manage the supplier relationships. 
  • Introduce KPIs to maintain quality and delivery performance. 
  • Manage the transition into the new contracted relationship. 
  • Introduce disciplines and improved forecasting accuracy. 

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers assigned a consultant with proven expertise in logistics and supply chain, as well as generalist management skills. Significant improvements in service delivery and cost reductions were achieved.

Hunter Health

Business Issue: This organisation undertook an initiative to increase the commercial skills of key members of their management team and better equip them in their day to day business decisions.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers assigned a consultant to coach and mentor the team to improve productivity, teach them to think strategically and gain an understanding of the business processes as well as improve business planning initiatives and increase their awareness of commercial business practises through group training, individual consultations and mentoring. Managers, departments and teams gained more from their roles and responsibilities and allowed expansion beyond their comfort zones and ingrained or outdated modes of thinking. The project was expanded to also include team leaders / assistants.


Business Issue: Undertook a strategic procurement assignment to improve the effectiveness of all purchasing activities and reduce operating costs.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers managed and coordinated the project and assigned specialists to each major procurement category including office supplies, transport, warehousing and travel & accommodation. The project included negotiating with suppliers and resulted in substantial productivity improvements and bottom line impacts.

Professional Services

Business Issue: This firm of chartered accountants was concerned that their back office function was operating inefficiently and negatively impacting client service outcomes. Also performance measurement and reporting of the function was proving difficult due to the absence of a formal measurement framework.

Solution and Outcomes: Performance Drivers was engaged to determine the nature and quantity of work assigned to the function and to establish appropriate measures of efficiency, effectiveness and service levels for each major category of work. We also developed ongoing data capture and reporting against the KPIs and developed ways to improve performance. All recommendations were successfully implemented.


Business Issue: This organisation wanted to obtain the most efficient asset inspection practices for the long term maintenance of its assets and wanted to ensure that activity was driven by current and future organisational requirements rather than embedded historical practices.

Solution and Outcome: Performance Drivers critically assessed maintenance inspection policies and practices and identified significant reductions in asset life cycle maintenance costs and workloads whilst improving the efficiency of maintenance practices.


Performance Drivers undertook a review of local and international transport for the New Zealand arm of this global organisation. The review covered air and local road transport and identified substantial opportunities to improve service levels and reduce transport costs.

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